Selling your property to a developer makes a lot of sense in Melbourne for many reasons. Increases in housing demand have been reflected by an increased number of property development sites spawning within Melbourne’s inner-city and outer suburbs. Being considerably more affordable than Sydney, Melbourne is quickly gaining preference for all buyers, and in particular, developers and investors. Property developers are capitalising on market conditions and council rezoning. As a homeowner, you can stand to benefit too.


Here at Develop Connect, our mission is to help home owners achieve the best possible outcome and without the hassle of auctioning.


Selling Your Property to a Developer Means More Money in your Pocket


Higher Selling Price

If you’re tired of the usual low appraisals that local agents are giving you, then consider selling your property to a developer directly. Because property developers view your home as a site for their next project and not as their place of residence, they base their purchase decision on the feasibility of this next ‘project’. The reason we are able to achieve more money in your pocket is by seeking 5-10% above market value. This is achieved provided there is flexibility in development specific conditions such as extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth.

No Maintenance Required

Preparing a house for sale can be a daunting task, particularly if your home isn’t at its best. In order to increase the value of your home, it is traditionally recommended to renovate and update key areas of the home. This can be costly and faces the risk of not being justified in the final sale price. For example, spending $30,000 to get your house ‘sale ready’ only to actually increase the market value of your house by another $10,000 – that’s a $20,000 loss, and not to mention the time lost. Selling your property to a developer eliminates this problem as developers purchase properties as sites for their NEW projects. This means there is no need to spend anything on fixing or repairing your home prior to selling, and still having the potential to sell above market value.


Avoid Traditional Agents and Their Fees

Not only does selling your property to a developer mean higher offers, it is also a much cheaper process than the traditional method of selling. There is no need for a local real estate agent and their fees associated with marketing and advertising.

By streamlining the process, fewer parties are involved in the transaction, meaning the process is both cheaper and quicker.

Sell Your Property to a Developer For Less Hassle


Stop Chasing Buyers

Even though your local agent could have developers on their books, they would still be limited to a small group specifically based within that suburb or council. Develop Connect holds Melbourne’s largest database of residential property developers, which now expanding into Sydney, the rest of Australia, even international buyers.


You’ll Be Spoilt For Choice

Once you tell us about your property and we contact interested developers in the area, we’ll present you with the offers we receive. You then choose which offer you like the most and negotiate the price and conditions. Watch the progress of your sale while we assist with any necessary paperwork, including legal documents.

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