Due to the increasing demand in the Australian property market, developers are constantly looking for new sites as locations for their upcoming projects. Selling land to developers has never been more worthwhile. Buying existing residential sites is costing developers a lot more compared to empty plots of land for many reasons. Buying land with a property already built on it means developers are being charged the value of a property they are going to have to pay to knock down anyway. Coupled with the fact that inner-city land is getting harder to come by, selling land to developers at this time is a great opportunity.

Here at Develop Connect, we have built a platform where buyers and sellers achieve the best possible outcome without auctioning.




There are many benefits in selling land to a property developer directly. One of the most notable benefits is getting 5-10% above market value for your property provided certain development specific conditions are met. Examples of such conditions include extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth.

By connecting directly with developers, vendors are able to avoid expensive traditional agent marketing and advertising. By selling land to developers directly it puts you in front of interested buyers, not time wasters.


Sell Privately

By bypassing your traditional, local real estate agents, you are able to sell privately. You will have no “For Sale” signs out the front, and no online advertisements about your property. All of our properties are sold exclusively off market, garnering no public attention. This is achieved as we have thousands of developers within our network – local agents do not.


Want to sell farm, rural land or commercial land?

Sell Farm Land to Developers

Rural and farm land owners looking to sell can also benefit from this platform. Within our extensive network of property developers there are developers and investors who are actively interested in buying acreage for larger scale residential and commercial property development. Develop Connect works with a host Australian-based and International Institutions, Finance Groups capable of Master Planning for New Communities. If you are interested in selling a farm or rural land, please complete the form below or contact us directly.

Start Selling Land to Developers Today

If you’re serious about getting maximum value for your land, then get in touch with us. Provide us all the details a developer would want to know about your land – such as the size, your ideal selling price, and if there are any existing planning permits lodged with the land. We then forward this information to our network of developers and come back to you with offers we have received. Select which offer you like most and negotiate the price and conditions you’re most comfortable with. Watch the progress of your sale while we assist you with all the necessary paperwork, including all legal documents.

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