You Can Sell Your Home Yourself

Did you know you can sell your home yourself by sourcing a property developer to buy? Now, we know selling your own home does, at first, seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Develop Connect is here to help you sell your own house. We’ll help you sell your home yourself above market value by educating you on development specific conditions such as extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth. Being flexible with these terms will help you achieve a quicker and more lucrative sale.

sell your home yourself

Why You Would Sell Your Home Yourself?


More Money in your Pocket

When you sell your home yourself you are able to sell above market value. This is because property developers will pay, provided the above mentioned development specific conditions are met. We have thousands of property developers within our network, local real estate agents don’t. By getting direct access to developers you will receive higher offers.

You will appreciate these higher offers, particularly after you’ve dealt with a number of low appraisals that local agents are giving you.


Save on Marketing and Advertising

Not only will selling your home yourself mean a higher sale price, it is also a much cheaper process than the traditional method of selling. As there is no need for local agents and their marketing and advertising costs, the entire process ends up more profitable when selling.

By streamlining the process, fewer parties are involved in the transaction, meaning the process is both cheaper and quicker.

The Next Step

Simply tell us about your home and the price you are seeking. We then forward this information to our network of developers and come back to you with the offers we have received. You then select which offer you like the most and set the price and conditions. Watch the advancement of your sale while we help assist you with all the necessary paperwork, including all legal documents.

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