Why Sell Your House Without an Agent?

Sell house without agent. Yes, you read that right. Did you know that it is possible to sell your house without a traditional, local agent by selling to property developers directly? Now, why would you want to sell direct to developers without agents? Due to increasing demand for modern living across Melbourne, property developers are constantly looking for new sites as locations for their upcoming projects. There are many benefits in selling your home directly to a property developer.

Here at Develop Connect, we provide a platform A platform where buyers and sellers achieve the best possible outcome without auctioning.


More Money in your Pocket

Sell your house without an agent whilst simultaneously selling 5-10% above market value. Property developers will pay more for your home compared to traditional buyers provided there is flexibility in development specific conditions such as extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth. We have thousands of property developers within our network, real estate agents don’t. By getting direct access to developers you will receive greater offers. Sell without agents or auctions.


Sell Privately

When you sell your house without a local agent, you will be able to sell privately and avoid unwanted public attention. By selling directly there is No Agent. No Auction. No Annoyance.


Sell Quicker

Receive offers much faster than you would selling through your local agent. We will contact every developer that has expressed interest in your area, and report back to you the offers we receive. From our experience, deals are completed much faster dealing directly with developers than discussions with multiple agencies.


How to Sell My House Without Agents?

Simply tell us about your home and the value you are looking to get for it. We then pass on this information to our network of developers and come back to you with the offers we have received. You then decide which offer you like the most and elect the price and conditions. Watch the progress of your sale while we help assist you with all the necessary paperwork, including legal documents.

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