A Real Estate Developer Wants Your Home

Increasing demand in Melbourne’s property market means there is a real estate developer out there who wants your home. Why? Because property developers are constantly looking for new sites as locations for their upcoming projects. Property developers are capitalising on this shift in trend and a reaping the rewards. As a homeowner, you can stand to benefit too. Develop Connect helps home owners and developers achieve the best possible outcome without auctioning.

real estate developer

Why Sell Your Home to a Real Estate Developer?


More Money in your Pocket

By dealing directly with a real estate developer, you are dealing with a buyer who is willing to pay more than a traditional buyer for your home provided certain development specific conditions are met. We have over one thousand real estate developers in our network – local agents don’t.


Save on Agent Marketing & Advertising

Having direct access to a multitude real estate developers means there is no need for a local agent. Avoiding a local agent means you can avoid traditional marketing and advertising expenses. By streamlining the sale process, and involving fewer parties in the transaction, you are able to generate a greater profit.


A Quicker Sale

A real estate developer typically acts a lot faster than a traditional buyer, as they are on an active hunt for future development sites. Our experience has shown that deals are finalised a lot sooner when dealing with developers directly.

Connect with a Real Estate Developer

To start developing connections with real estate developers, simply tell us about your home and the selling price. We will then forward that information to our network and report back to you the offer we receive. You then choose the offer you like most and set the final price and conditions. We even help assist you with any paperwork, including legal documents. All so you can start thinking about your next property.

Will a Developer want
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