Property Development Companies Want Your Home

Did you know that there are several property development companies that want your home? In fact, they are constantly on the lookout for homes just like yours to use as sites for their upcoming development projects. Are you interested in knowing whether a developer would be interested in your home? And if so, at what value? Develop Connect allows home owners just like you to connect directly with property development companies operating in your area.


Now, you could go out and try to find these property development companies on your own. However, you will bypass many dozens and dozens of companies that are not publicly advertised and reachable. We have thousands of property development companies within our network.


Develop Connect is here to help. We’ll help you sell your home privately without the hassles and public attention of auctions. This is achieved by identifying the premium development value of your home.

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Going Direct benefits over Agents


More Money in your Pocket

The Australian real estate market is becoming more and more attractive for investors, which is spawning more development companies into greater action. Property development companies are looking to start more projects as soon as possible. For home owners like yourself, this is a great opportunity to get in on the action and get a slice of the pie. Because you are dealing with a specific type of buyer, you can expect to receive 5-10% above market value provided there is flexibility in development specific conditions such as extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth.


Quicker Sale

Whilst a property development company can purchase your home on the market through a local real estate agent, this process has a lot more hurdles involved. Having a local agent list your property would then have them engage in traditional marketing and advertising (additional cost), waiting for prospective buyers to enquire, then try bringing up low offers to match the market price. You may strike gold and have a developer view your property, but the way your property is positioned by your local agent will heavily deter a developer to buy.


Cheaper to Sell

Not only does marketing and advertising your property take up valuable time, it’s also going to cost you. Additionally, in order to get your home truly ‘market ready’, many home owners face the dilemma of pre-sale maintenance and renovation. It is not uncommon to see home owners drop tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars into renovating their kitchen or bathroom, or on much needed maintenance on roofing or decking. By selling direct to property development companies, you are able to save on these expensive, upfront costs. These buyers are not looking to live in your home, they are looking at what can be done to the land and at what feasibility.

So, What Now?

Simply tell us about your property and the price you are looking to sell for. We then pass on the details of your property to these companies and come back to you with all the offers we receive. You then decide which offer you like the most and elect the price and conditions. Watch the progress of your sale while we assist with necessary the paperwork, including legal documents.

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