Benefits of Selling Directly to Property Developers in Melbourne


More Money in your Pocket

The reason we are able to achieve more money in your pocket is by seeking 5-10% above market offers. This is provided there is flexibility in development specific conditions such as extended settlement terms, allowing for soil testing, allowing for development applications to commence, and so forth.


No Traditional Agents Required

Whilst traditionally most people sell their home through a local real estate agency, it has a lot more hassles. Hiring a local agent to list, market and advertise your property takes a lot of time and becomes expensive quickly. We have thousands of property developers across multiple suburbs, councils, even states! real estate agents don’t. If you’ve had enough from the low appraisals presented by your local agents consider selling directly to interested property developers instead.


Avoid Maintenance Costs Pre-Sale

Many home owners put off selling their home because of the upfront costs needed to spruce up the place before sale. Whether it’s a bigger job such as an outdated kitchen, unstable decking, or decaying roof timber frames or smaller jobs such as a lick of paint on the old weatherboards, it’s still going to cost you time and money with the realistic chance that it won’t be completely reflected in the home’s value come sale.

Getting your property attractive for the market is important as it can spike up the value of your home quite significantly. However, if not done correctly, you may end up spending much more whilst only slightly increasing the value – and theoretically operating at a loss.

However, as a home owner, you can bypass all these hurdles as property developers are not looking to live in the properties they purchase. Your old kitchen and peeling walls don’t deter them in the slightest. You could stand to make a lot more by selling to a property developer by saving on the maintenance costs, even with a “sale ready”, market attractive house.

Be More Direct with Develop Connect

For far too long, Australian home owners have had to put up with unfair, low appraisals from their local agents, but not anymore. Here at Develop Connect, you’ll be able to sell your home with more money in your pocket by connecting with interested buyers. If you’re interested in selling to a property developer, we’re interested in connecting you.

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