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Property developers across Melbourne, and the rest of Australia, are making the most of recent influxes of demand in the property market. With this increase in competition, good development sites for sale are getting harder to come by.

Here at Develop Connect, we help connect property developers with home owners looking to sell privately.

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Only Private Selling Home Owners

Traditionally, if a home owner wanted to sell their house, they would need an agent to list and advertise their property, charging a commission for their services. As we know, this process is time consuming and agents may hold off on a sale in order to receive higher offers from other potential buyers. Property developers also fall into this game as offers are fiercely contested and bounced off one another, driving up the price of the property.

With our ever-growing database of home owners looking to sell privately, we are quickly becoming site acquisition specialists for property developers across Melbourne. View our exclusive, off-market sites now.


Buy Sites Faster

Property developers are wasting a lot of resources, not only trying to identify and locate potential sites, but also acquiring them. Publicly listed development sites for sale are being dragged out, as not only are property developers competing with one another, they are also competing with traditional buyers with deep pockets.

Because we only source home owners looking to sell directly and privately, we allow property developers to acquire sites much faster than through traditional publicly listed properties.

When you’ve had enough searching for development sites for sale online, contact us and see what we can find for you. We connect you with sites that are not on the market, so you’ll be one of the first to know, allowing you to make the first offer.

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