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Sites are becoming harder to come by, making the entire process more time consuming and expensive for a property developer looking for land. More probably than not, there is another developer looking for land in the same suburb as you. And quite possibly, even on the same street. Finding an empty block of land in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs is a tough ask, which is why many property developers looking for land are buying up as many houses they can find as sites for their new projects.

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How we can help a property developer looking for land?


Site Acquisition Specialists

If you’re tired of hunting auctions and the drawn out negotiations with vendors and agents, then Develop Connect may be for you. We make it easy for home owners who are looking to sell privately by connecting them with property developers like yourself. With our growing network of private home owners, we specialise in site acquisition on behalf of property developers.


Deal With Home Owners Directly

The home owners we are dealing with are looking for a quick and hassle free sale of their home. They are looking to sell privately with no public attention. This means there is no need for an agent, and our experience has shown that sales are finalised much sooner compared with traditional negotiations where agents are involved.

The traditional process is time consuming whereas dealing with home owners directly makes it easier to make offers and counteroffers, and closing the sale. You also avoid agents who may hold off on a sale in order to receive higher offers from other potential buyers.

Developing Made Simple With Develop Connect

If you’ve had enough as a developer looking for land with little success, then contact us and see what we can find for you. Because we connect you with sites that are not publicly listed, you’ll be the first to know, allowing you to make the first offer.

Australia’s property market is tough as it is, the last thing you need is to be wasting valuable time on dragged out negotiations and pricing wars with agents. That’s why we’re here – to get you direct access to private properties for sale.

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