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BUDGET OF: $ 75,000


Sell Property Privately with No Auction House Selling

Homeowners are exposed to offers that may be above market value – this is because the pool of potential buyers are of different calibre and approach the sale with the intention of developing the site, not nestling in as a first home buyer.

Sell property privately with Develop Connect; a unique platform connecting Melbourne home owners and property developers. Develop Connect helps owners sell their home privately, with no auction house selling tactics, eliminating the stress and time associated with public auctioning and advertising. We form a common point between home owners and developers. While we specialise in site acquisition on behalf of developers, we tend to help owners sell home privately above market value.

The property’s size and location can drive huge interest from potential developers. Listing through Develop Connect will expose your property to multiple buyers, showcasing the development potential of that site.

No Auction House Selling and buying through Develop Connect has many benefits:

Our Facebook page has links to multiple articles that show real life Melbourne homeowners who wanted sell property privately and did so with great results!

No Middle Men for Faster Results. The majority of property sales are dependent on the efforts of one real estate agent and their agency. Develop Connect unlocks the full potential of any given property whilst expediting the sales process to generate quicker results. We collaborate directly with the property developers in a transparent and straightforward process to enable the opportunity to sell fast, cutting out unnecessary middle men.

No maintenance is required to get the house ‘sale-ready’. Due to the commonality between our prospective buyers, maintenance and renovation costs are not necessary.

Private house sales are made simple and rewarding with Develop Connect. Get in touch with us via the form above to start your journey!

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